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The Best Part of Believe is the Lie

Young Writers

I decided to delve into some fan fiction, something I haven’t done in almost a decade. As a writer myself, I am so glad that younger generations are still using writing as a creative outlet.

The only advice I have to give is DO YOUR RESEARCH. Pete Wentz is FIVE YEARS OLDER than Patrick Stump and Brendan Urie is eight years younger than Pete.

There is absolutely no logical reason 30 year old Patrick is going to adopt a 17 year old girl who magically falls in love with a 22 year old Pete.

Unless it some alternate universe where they are not Fall Out Boy and Patrick and Pete don’t know each other.

When I was writing fanfiction I didn’t have google and had to go through magazines to find out the ages and concert information and all of those things you need to know before you starting writing a story.

Take advantage of all the available technology so your timelines and scenes are consistent. And get a goddamn beta reader.

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